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Notice from Biblical Life College and Seminary

In a recent Board meeting, we have elected to retire our diploma and degree programs.  (This will not affect current students, and the Seminary will continue is some aspect as a part of the overall ministry.). We are in the process of creating a new concept specifically designed to prepare the Remnant for the last days.  Rather than centering around diplomas and degrees, it will zero in on biblical knowledge and Kingdom application that will meet the challenges ahead of the Body worldwide.  It will be completely outside the traditional educational sandbox.  No degrees or examinations . . . most of all, no tuition.  It will center around the new Strategic Remnant Learning Center that we are in the process of constructing.  We will be bringing in noted leaders from all across the Body of Christ for seminars/conferences that will be videotaped.  Then, all of the sessions (to include complete workbooks) will be uploaded to the Internet with free access.  Our partners have been so gracious in their support to make all of this possible.  Other written materials will also be developed and will be available either as a free download in PDF or for a moderate fee in hardcopy.


In the days ahead, the degree will mean little.  Walking in the ways of the Kingdom and its power will become paramount for Remnant ministry.


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