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Education through Distance Learning has been part of the American educational system for more than 200 years.  During that time, Distance Learning courses have worked well for millions of graduates.  Many successful graduates have found Distance Learning to be their best option for learning.

Distance Learning Allows You to Start At Any Time

You can begin your program at any time! (We process enrollments within 24 hours of receiving them.)  Some confuse the enrollment times of non-traditional education with the traditional on-campus setting.  With non-traditional education, you can enroll when you are ready.  You do not have to wait for the next semester to begin.  At BLCS, we process enrollments five days a week.

Distance Learning Lets You Set Your Own Pace

You are encouraged to spend as much time as you need to fully understand any complex material.  If you progress quickly through a course, you do not have to wait for the slowest class members to catch up.  You set your own pace; others don’t impose their pace on you.

Distance Learning Gives You the Opportunity to Concentrate on Important Subjects

Whenever a subject fascinates you, spend extra time on it.  You are not rushed through because the class must move on at a different pace.

Distance Learning Is a Time Saver

Your schedule is your own.  You study around your existing schedule, whenever you want to.  You can improve your time use, rather than disrupt your time use.  In addition, the programs come directly to your home.  It starts as soon as you want it.  It requires no travel time.  What could be more convenient?

Distance Learning Is Fair to Every Student

No grading curve is established to keep grades evenly distributed in the class.  You don’t get penalized if others get high grades.  You don’t have to hope others do poorly to assure your good grades.  You will get exactly what you earn, fairly.  No factors other than your performance, course by course, determine your success in this course.

Distance Learning Doesn’t Abandon the Student Who Needs Help

Most importantly, you are not left alone to complete your program.  When you need it, you can get individualized help in your studies simply by writing, calling or sending the school e-mail.

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