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Offering Spirit-Filled Theological Degrees through Distance Learning Since 1982.

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“Where the Remnant Comes to Train”


When we established BLCS in 1982, we determined to “think outside the box” to define what nontraditional education should be.  Two of the goals we envisioned were:  (1) to keep theological education affordable, and (2) to keep it relevant for today’s ministers.  To facilitate these goals, we insisted on several things:

This new paradigm for delivering cutting-edge training for aspirants of the Gospel ministry allows us to maintain a modest administrative hub in Marshfield to facilitate an educational network between students, studies, and professors.  The results speak for themselves.  For over thirty years, BLCS has been offering biblically sound and life transforming studies to men and women around the world . . . affordably.  Ministers will not have to go into debt using the guaranteed student loan program to achieve their educational goals.  They are debt-free when they graduate and can successfully move into any area of ministry that God leads them into, without the burden of government student loans for years to come!