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“Where the Remnant Comes to Train”

“When I first enrolled into the Doctoral Program at Biblical Life College and Seminary, I was a little skeptical of non-traditional education. I am glad to say that my experience with BLCS was very rewarding. I believe non-traditional education will be the future of education.”

Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D., Baltimore, MD, Author of "Kingdom Zoology, Living with Your Conscience," & "God Is Not Fair: Coming to Terms with Life’s Raw Deals."

“I have found the program at Biblical Life College and Seminary to be challenging and extremely well structured. I would, without question, recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a competent minister. Dr. Lake and the faculty have done an outstanding job of developing an academically sound institution which provides the opportunity for high quality external education which is thoroughly evangelical in doctrine.”

Chaplain (LTC) Barry J. Minsky, Ph.D., Chaplain, U.S. Army

“Biblical Life College and Seminary represents a revolutionary approach to Christian education that maintains the highest standards of academic credibility while making its program extraordinarily user friendly. BLCS’s directed study distance learning program makes it possible for those who are already engaged in a career but have a call of God on their lives to receive theological and ministry training that is equivalent to or superior to what is available in traditional campus-based Christian education. This program is worthy of your involvement and support.”

John D. Garr, Th.D., Ph.D.

President & Founder, Restoration Ministries

Chancellor, Hebraic Heritage Christian School of Theology

Author of “Restoring Our Lost Legacy: Christianity’s Hebraic Heritage”, “Bless You!: Restoring the Biblical Hebraic Blessing”, “Family Sanctuary: Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Home”, The Hem of His Garment: Touching the Power in God’s Word”, Living Emblems: Ancient Symbols of Faith”, and God’s Lamp Man’s Light: Mysteries of the Menorah.”

“Upon acceptance into Biblical Life College and Seminary, there began a close personal bonding, relating to me as a unique individual with an attainable dream, that I believe Dr. Lake and his instructional team could help me achieve. They challenge students to learn, understand and retain a wealth of information deemed necessary for our individual growth. They helped me to understand the Spirit of God in me, as well as His call upon my life. It was through my work at BLCS that I came to know where God wanted me in the five-fold ministry. In August of 1994, I earned my Master of Biblical Counseling through BLCS. God has endowed me with the opportunity to continue my counseling ministry goals. I have interacted with Court Lawyers and am accepted by the Nassau and Suffolk County New York Court Systems.”

Rev. Virginia Bieber, MBC, Patchogue, NY

“My doctoral work at Biblical Life College and Seminary was the finest educational experience I have ever had. Though I have three Masters degrees, I have always longed for a time where I was given the freedom to really dig in and study exactly what I wanted to learn. I commend BLCS on being on the cutting edge of an educational trend that is here to stay!”

Emmett A. Cooper, Ph.D., Author and Director, HoneyWord Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO

“As a seminary that specializes in distance learning and education BLCS can be proud of its quality of education, its standards for study, and its educational philosophy. As one who has an undergraduate and masters degree in Christian Education from regionally accredited schools, I was drawn to the fact that BLCS had given thought to its educational dynamic and philosophy in a non-traditional setting. I appreciated its ongoing love for the Hebraic studies and the Christian’s Old Testament roots which are so neglected in many circles today. I saw in the school a love and honor for the full and complete counselor and Word of God. And, BLCS permitted me the opportunity of continuing my studies over a long term (6 years in my case) so that the material could be explored with my congregation, dissected with a council of godly men every week, and applicable to my local and international ministry and work. Through its strong standards and yet flexible style, BLCS’s doctoral program has and will continue to make an everlasting impact on this world and upon the cultures of this world.

Not many have heard of BLCS. I had not until I began my studies with them in 1996. But I am proud to be called an alumnus of the school, to recommend its classes and courses (which I have) and to see BLCS grow and challenge new generations of Christians to be equipped with the power of the living Word and of our living God. BLCS is a top-quality Christian college and graduate school!”

Pastor Mark E. Struck, D.T.S., Rochester, MN.

What I say next is not to boast, but rather to give glory to God. Many people in my church are amazed that I have grown so fast and so hungry for the Lord in my short life after salvation. Often times they ask me how I grew so fast. My answer usually goes like this:

1) By the Grace and provisions of God. 2) By having solid Christian Mentors, teachers, and accountability. 3) By having a Spirit-filled curriculum like the Christian Education program at Biblical Life College and Seminary.

Now that God has allowed me to complete my Master’s Degree in Christian Education, it has opened up many doors both inside my local and church and outside. Second, the church now has someone that is qualified and equipped to start the Christian School that has been on the drawing board for years. Next, it has equipped me to pursue avenues of creating Christian Discipleship Programs, materials, and resources. Finally, it has better equipped me to serve as the spiritual leader in my household that God has ordained me to be.

I would highly recommend BLCS to anyone that is serious about being educated in the knowledge of God, guided by the Spirit of God, to reach out to the lost and equip those within. I am also currently pursuing my Doctorate in Christian Education at Biblical Life College and Seminary because of my belief in their ministry.

Randy McEwen, M.C.E., Rincon, GA

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