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Semester Credit Hours

In a traditional classroom setting, a semester credit hour is defined as equal to a fifty (50) minute class, meeting once a week for sixteen (16) weeks.

BLCS has surveyed over 140 colleges and universities (as well as researching standards at Cambridge and Oxford) to formulate a semester credit hour through non-traditional means.

Undergraduate:  Fifteen (15) pages of reading equals one fifty (50) minute class lecture.  A three (3) semester credit hour course would require a minimum of six hundred and seventy-five (675) pages of reading, plus a comprehensive examination.

Graduate:  Twenty-five (25) pages of reading equals one fifty (50) minute class lecture.  A three (3) semester credit hour course would require a minimum of one thousand, one hundred and twenty-five (1,125) pages of reading, plus a comprehensive examination.

(If audio and/or videotaped lectures are included in the course, this would greatly reduce the amount of reading required.)


Credit Hours for Practicum and Supervision

Our calculations are based upon credits for one (1) unit of Clinical Pastoral Education.  One (1) unit is 400 hours of supervision.  Most traditional seminaries will award eight (8) semester credit hours at the graduate level.

Credit Hours for Thesis and Dissertation Work

One (1) semester credit hour given for thesis or dissertation work equals twenty (20) hours of research and five thousand (5,000) words.

Grading System

Spirit-Filled student searching books in library

A = 3.60 - 4.00


B = 3.20 - 3.59


C = 2.80 - 3.19


D = 2.50 - 2.79


F = 0.00 - 2.49


NOTE:  The standard at BLCS is that no one maintains an average below a “B”.  Our faculty will work and pray with any student until he has developed the educational skills to maintain this standard.  We believe God is a God of excellence.  It should start with a student’s grades.  Through faith, prayer, patience, love and additional training, we believe this level of excellence is available to every student!


Honors are awarded in accordance with the following quality point system:

4.00 to 3.91

Summa Cum Laude

3.90 to 3.76

Magna Cum Laude

3.75 to 3.60

Cum Laude

The honors category will be displayed on the degree certificate and transcript.  NOTE: For honors to be awarded, a minimum of fifty percent of the required semester credit hours on the degree program must be completed through BLCS. (Example: A Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree would require a minimum of 60 semester credit hours to be completed through BLCS.)  Honors are awarded for undergraduate degrees only.

Time Limits on Programs

The following time limits are given on the degree programs of BLCS:

Two one-year extensions may be required at no charge to the student.  Beyond these extensions, others are permitted under certain circumstances.

Its time for enrollment into a Spirit-filled theological degree program

Auditing Courses

Those wishing to audit courses from BLCS may do so.  Courses that are audited are not awarded any semester credit hour value.  Tuition on audited courses is one half of the normal tuition.  One course at a time may be ordered.  The tuition on the course must be paid when it is ordered.

Transfer of Credits

Transfer of credits applies when a student has earned credits at another school in which he did not complete a degree program and desires to transfer those credits into BLCS to complete his degree.  BLCS recognizes credits from accredited institutions that are applicable to our programs.

A student transferring to BLCS from an accredited institution may transfer work for which he has received a “B” or better grade.  Credits from approved, but non-accredited institutions must be at the “A” grade level.

In addition to the requirement of a minimum grade level on transferred credits, each course to be transferred must apply to the student’s program of study (i.e. business, computer science, etc., cannot be transferred toward theological work.)

Maximum Transfer of Credits

A minimum of 25% of the work required for any degree program must be completed directly through BLCS.  Therefore, a maximum of credits given for life experience, experiential equivalency, and/or transfer of credits toward any degree program is 75%.  (i.e. In the 120 semester credit hours required for the completion of a Bachelor degree, a maximum of 90 semester credit hours could be transferred or assessed.)


If you are an aspirant to ministry, mentorship is a very important aspect of ministry preparation.  At BLCS, we suggest two levels of mentorship.

1. National Mentor/Advisor:  Every student at BLCS has the option of a national mentor/advisor.  This individual is a seasoned minister that is operating successfully in one of the offices of the five-fold ministry.  This advisor is also fully engaged in the educational process at BLCS.  Your mentor is there to provide spiritual, emotional and educational support as you proceed through your program.  Over the years, our mentors have continued to offer spiritual guidance to our graduates.  We have seen God - again and again - bring greater clarity and blessing because of these relationships.

2. Local Mentor:  If you are aspiring to ministry, it is very important to have a local mentor.  In most cases, this will be your local Pastor.  Much of ministry is not “taught” - it is “caught!”  As you work beside your local mentor, you will gain insight and a wealth of practical experience that will take you well beyond what a traditional Bible college or Seminary could ever offer.  It is the blending of solid academics and mentorship that can transform a young minister and advance him years beyond where he would normally be in the traditional American style of education.

BLCS has several resources to aid local pastors in providing mentorship in their area.

A THOUGHT ON MENTORSHIP.  How important is it?  As we look at many of the most successful ministers …. those that are making an impact on their communities and the world, we find that they were mentored.  No matter where we are in ministry, we need a “Paul/Timothy” relationship.  When you choose a mentor, make sure he is successfully ministering in the same area you feel God is calling you.  Success breeds success.  Anointing breeds greater anointing.  Many are not where they should be in ministry today because they did not have a mentor.

Spirit-filled Mentors


The beauty of completing your education through Directed Study is that you can start the program at any time as well as graduate as soon as you have completed the program requirements.  BLCS does hold a yearly national graduation ceremony at the annual RFI Yeshiva Conference held in Roanoke, VA each year.

RFI Conferences and National Graduation:  RFI holds two annual conferences in Cleveland, TN:   (1)  The Yeshiva Conference in March of each year – our graduations are held then, and (2) the Tabernacles Conference (held sometime in September or October).  (See RFI BLOG for more information. )  

BLCS Book Store

BLCS maintains a book store on-line that is continually updated. You will find most of the books and tapes that you need to complete your studies.  We are adding new items every month.  You can access our store by going to our website at

The BLCS International Educational Network

One of the visions that God has placed in our hearts is to bring the same solid programs that are available to our student body to the local Church worldwide.  Our graduates can start local Bible schools in their own churches using BLCS curriculum.  All credits earned at the local schools can be matriculated into BLCS for full college credit.  We currently have schools of ministry in academic fellowship with us all across the U.S. and in several foreign countries.

Graduation for Biblical Life Student
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