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“This catalog is going to be different from any other college & seminary catalog you have ever read.”  This statement will be true whether you are just being introduced to the educational ministry of BLCS or you have been a longtime friend, student or graduate.  

This will be the 28th edition of catalog that I have written over the past thirty plus years. As I began to prepare for it, the Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart.  He said “Write it directly to the prospective student and teach him how to make a wise decision regarding his training.”  So in the catalog, I will be breaking away from standard protocols in catalog presentation.

Here are some things you will need to know to get the most out of this catalog:

1.   I will be writing this catalog as if we were sitting down and discussing your education over a cup of coffee.  I will try to be as honest and frank as possible.  My heart’s desire is that you understand what ministry preparation is all about and that you make an informed, Holy Spirit led decision regarding where you study.

2.   In the past, I have written our catalogs for the academic professional.  This has allowed those in the academic community to ascertain the validity of the educational process at BLCS.  In this edition, I am concentrating on you, the prospective student.  

For those within academia, you will find that we fully understand what is required for a true semester credit hour of work at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Over the years, our curriculum has been carefully compared to that of regional and ATS accredited schools.  The comprehension requirements, workload and testing are comparable.  We have striven to maintain the traditional formulation for our degree programs.  The only difference you will find in BLCS is that we do not follow the traditional Greco-Roman Liberal Arts schedule of studies.  We follow a more Hebraic-centered concept of using only subjects that will reinforce the specific field of study.  A variant of this concept is also being used throughout Europe today.  The sole purpose of BLCS is to train aspirants of ministry, therefore only subjects that empower the students within their fields of ministry are provided in the course of study.  We feel this does not diminish the educational experience of the student, but rather gives his studies a laser focus that will more aptly prepare him for service within the Body of Christ.

3.   To make this catalog flow better in the first person, you will find that I will refer to you as masculine.  I do believe in females in ministry and that they need the proper education.  My wife is an ordained minister of the Gospel and stands with me in ministry.  Currently about 48% of all BLCS students are female.  So if I use the terms “he” or “him” anywhere in this catalog, I am referring to both male and female.  I have dedicated my life to theology and education; therefore, I do not possess the literary skills to write in the first person and maintain the current politically correct, gender-neutral babble being prescribed today.  To be honest, I have striven to be biblically correct instead.

4.   I am an educator by nature, not just by profession.  I will pause from time to time in this catalog to explain in more detail what I am presenting and the concepts behind it.  My purpose in this is to inform you about what a legitimate education is and what is not.  The end result will be that, whether you study with BLCS or not, you will be able to make an informed choice about the school you attend.

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