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The past several months have been a very powerful time at Biblical Life, both with the Seminary and with our local fellowship. Little did I know when I started the “No More Compromise Series” at our fellowship what God had in store for us. The past several months have been a time for divine realigning with Heaven. In these few short months, we have seen:

This past week as I was preparing my message for our congregation, the Lord was so gracious in giving me a missing piece as I was watching TBN. Bishop Mark Huskins was on the short segment that I was watching. He said one statement that exploded in my spirit and was the missing piece for my message: “You have to redream before you can redeem.” Locally, we have been dealing with Ephesians 5:11-16. In Mentor’s Tip # 5 (Living Life Awake), we also dealt with part of that scripture. In the midst of coming back awake spiritually and realigning ourselves with Heaven, the next question is: “How do I redeem the time?” The answer is in redreaming.

Before I go any further, there are several things that I want to touch on:

a.         The Difference Between a Fleshly Dream and a Spiritual Dream

When I speak of a “dream” I am speaking of the vision, purpose and destiny of your life. Satan has one for you that speaks through your flesh, and God has one for you that was released in your spirit when you were born again. The closer we get to the LORD, the more we move away from sin and the spirit of the world and the more the old fleshly dream dies and a new spiritual dream begins to come alive. The dream or destiny that God has for you is very important. It is part of what will shape you and empower you for the days ahead. A dream or vision can give you strength to go through hard times. Lack of a dream will cause you to stumble even when times are good.

As we realign ourselves with Heaven in this move of God, He is going to begin bringing to life His dream for your life. You have several things that you need to do to guard the dream. First, do not let it be tainted by the flesh or worldliness. Don’t let the devil contaminate what God wants to do through you. You need to realize that Satan will fight you getting a hold of your dream.

He will either bring things of this world into your life or bring discouragement against the dream! You need to get ready to fight his advances. God’s dream for you is worth fighting for. Second, you need to feed the dream. As you meditate on the Word of God and His promises for you, the dream will grow and become stronger. Worshippers always empower their spiritual dream from God. The very presence of God in our lives speaks forth the dream and empowers it. The more time we spend in His Word and in His presence, the clearer the dream will become.

b.         The Conundrum of Dreaming

In the natural, you have to be asleep to dream. The opposite is true in the realm of the spirit. You have to be spiritually awake to dream. This is why everything about the flesh and the spirit of this world tries to put you to sleep. A man or woman with a dream from God can change the world. I remember a powerful man of God that was facing racial hatred and prejudice. What was Dr. King’s response? He said “I have a dream!” A dream from God can change your life, your family, your community, your ministry and even a nation! Wake up and dare to dream with God!

c.            A Dream Brings Change

You will never dream where you are. If you did, it would not be a dream; it would be a reality. In the dream God gives, He will show you new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, new ways of building and new ways of living. You have to be willing to change yourself to match the dream. That is the purpose of the dream. It is there to show you what you can do if you became what God calls you to be. When you yield to it, you are transformed, and it begins to come to pass. If you refuse to change, it becomes nothing more than a pipe dream — something that will never be because you would not yield to the call.

Your Dream and Your Placement in the Body

To understand what I want to touch on, we will need to look at 1 Peter 2:4-5:

1 Peter 2:4-5 (NKJV)

4 Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, 5 you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Those of you that are unfamiliar with your Hebraic roots will read right over this and not understand what is in the heart of the Apostle Peter. The Torah teaches that when you build an altar for the Lord, you must use stones that have not been cut. God chooses their shape, not you. You should also never use brick; brick is connected to Babylon and Egypt. In fact, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, in his audio teaching entitled “Genesis Journeys: The Tower of Power,[1]” shares in detail from the Hebrew how God was upset with Nimrod for building the tower from brick. It is also interesting that while the children of Israel were in bondage in Egypt, their task was making bricks.

What is so troublesome about brick? The spiritual emphasis is this: Like natural stones, God has made you an original. There is a uniqueness in you that was created by the hand of God, and the Body of Christ (and the world) need you to move with the way God made you. This is why both the spirit of this world and a religious spirit try to mold everyone into a mold of conformity. This brick-type mold is something God did not create for you to be. It is a mold of sinfulness and uselessness in the Kingdom. We also need to realize that the wounds of the past and circumstances Satan has created around you are there to conform you to his mold and to kill the dream! It is time to break the mold of sin and be free in the ultimate truth of God. This truth is so powerful that when you are born again, God says you become a new creature. (2 Cor 5:17) The old brick mold is now supposed to be dead to you, and you are being transformed into a new original as your mind is renewed to the Word of God (Rom 12:2).

God’s dream for you is crucial! It will bring you back into what you were destined to be. It will take you from being a brick shaped by religion, adversity and pain to a living stone shaped by the hand of God. In a moment you will understand why that is so important.

Have you ever seen a rock fireplace? We have one in our home. Finding the right rocks to make up the face of the fireplace is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The rocks that are there fit together and will not work anywhere else. You cannot move them around like bricks. Each rock will only function and fit in one specific place. This is what the Apostle Peter was trying to get across to us. You have only one unique place where you will fit in your place in time, space and the Body of Christ. Only in that one place can you plug in, fit in, find fulfillment and be empowered to reach your potential. Only there will you find contentment and will your gifts be fully developed and fully released. Only there will you make the maximum impact upon the world! Can you see why the enemy has worked so hard in destroying your spiritual dream and vision? Can you see why he has hit you so hard with circumstances and pain to mold you into a shape that would not fit?

We are in a time that God is giving us all a grace to realign with Heaven. It is as if He is hitting a “reset” button within the Body of Christ to bring us where we should have been before the devil forced us to detour. (This is only for those that have ears to hear.) Now is not only a time to realign, it is a time to awaken and to dream again! Dare to dream what the Holy Spirit is giving you! Regardless of past hurts, failures and frustrations, dare to be bold in God and to dream. As you dream, the Holy Spirit will remold you back into what He had in mind when He gave you life in your mother’s womb.

The Gold Principle

Remember when Jesus prophesied over the Temple that not one stone would be left upon another? The Romans wanted the gold that was used as mortar between the stones. In the Bible, gold represents holiness. As we leave worldliness and sinfulness of our old nature behind, our nature is covered in a new holiness that is based on God’s Kingdom and the completed work of Messiah. We see this in some of the furniture of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. Wood was overlaid with gold. This represents the natural man being overlaid with true holiness unto the LORD. God’s dream for your life does not bring you into sin; it takes you away from it and can only function properly in true biblical holiness.

Another interesting thing about gold is that it is a powerful conductor. There is less resistance to the moving of power through it. That is why the expensive cables for electronics will have gold plug-ins. Here is the lesson we learn: as we move in true holiness and in our dream, the power that can move through all of us is increased! As each one of us in the Body finds our place and begins to move in it, we all increase in God.

This is why God is realigning us all with Heaven. We can either hold each other back or we can add to each other’s destiny in Christ. God is positioning all of us to move forward. We have been held back for too long!

It is time for you to dream again, redeem the time the enemy has stolen and to become what God has called you to be!

Copyright 2008 by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.  All rights reserved.


[1] You can purchase this 2 CD series at: . Every believer can benefit from the teaching of this good rabbi.


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