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Is God stirring your spirit toward Messianic studies?  Do you long to see the continuity between the Old and New Testaments and understand the implications for New Testament believers?  Our Hebraic heritage is not about becoming culturally Jewish.  The power of our Hebraic heritage is about becoming biblical with a hermeneutic that spans all of the Word, not just part of it.  It is all about thinking and living more like Jesus.  It is about making the Word of God come alive in such a way that it can be lived by every believer and in which Jesus is the center of all things!  If this sounds like what you are looking for, Biblical Life College and Seminary has designed a Master of Divinity in Hebraic Heritage Studies program just for you!

Now you can complete a Spirit-Filled Master of Divinity in Hebraic Heritage Studies degree through distance learning (online studies) with Biblical Life College and Seminary - the premier online Spirit-Filled Theological Seminary.  The Master of Divinity in Hebraic Heritage Studies is designed for those that have completed a secular Bachelor or Masters program prior to answering the call to ministry.  All true Master of Divinity Programs are 90 semester credit hours in length.  Since students entering into the Master of Divinity Program have a secular degree, the program length is essential to ensure a balanced and complete course of study to develop the ministerial and research expertise expected of any theological seminary graduate.

The Master of Divinity in Hebraic Heritage Studies at Biblical Life College and Seminary can be completed by students in three to five years. Our online Master of Divinity degree is completely customizable.  The only required components are basic biblical languages and the final thesis.  All other modules in the program will be designed after you share your vision of ministry with the Biblical Life College and Seminary educational consultant.  

Why not schedule a free educational consultation today?  Biblical Life College and Seminary can quickly get you into a program that is customized to meet your ministerial needs.

The Torah

Master of Divinity in Hebraic Heritage Studies

Program Prerequisite:  Secular Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, any field.

Graduation Requirements:  To successfully complete this ninety (90) semester credit hour block of study with a “B” or better average.

Tuition:  90 SCHS x $75.00 = $6,750.00

Plan B Student Loan Program: $100.00 down with enrollment and $128.85 a month for 52 months.

Program Description:  The Master of Divinity Program has been traditionally for those individuals that have completed a secular or liberal arts Bachelor degree prior to the call to ministry.  The length of the program (90 SCHS) ensures that the student will receive a well-rounded education for the Gospel Ministry.

Suggested Outline of Courses



HHS 500 Basic Primer in Hebraic Heritage Studies


BBL 500 Covenant Faith


HHS 501 Discovering Jesus in the Covenants

             and Hebrew Rituals


HEB 500 Intro to Biblical Hebrew


BBL 502 Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics


GRK 500 Intro to Biblical Greek


HHS 502 Discovering Jesus in the Sabbaths

             and Feasts


HEB 501 Hebrew II


BBL 503 Kingdom Authority & Warfare I


BBL 504 The Leader of One


BBL 506 The Fruit of the Spirit


GRK 501 Biblical Greek II


SYS 500 Systematic Theology


HHS 505 Israel and the Nations in History and Prophecy


HHS 504 Torah 1 - Genesis


HHS 506 Jesus and the First Century Church


BBL 508 The Christ-Centered Life


HHS 507 The Irony of Galatians


HHS 508 Torah 2 - Exodus


HHS 509 Torah 3 - Leviticus


HHS 511 God’s Chosen People I


BBL 510 Gems from Our Hebraic Heritage


HHS 512 Torah 4 - Numbers


HHS 513 God’s Chosen People II


BBL 512 Kingdom Authority & Warfare II


HHS 516 Torah 5 - Deuteronomy


BBL 514 Ministry Leadership I


BBL 508 The Priesthood of the Believer


THE 500 Basic Hermeneutics


NTS 510 The Parables of Jesus


THE 800 Thesis




Other Notes:

The Master of Theology in Hebraic Heritage Studies can be designed for those that have completed the Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Hebraic Heritage Studies Program with BLCS.  Please contact our Registrar and have a customized program designed for you.

The Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Ministry Programs can be completed with Hebraic Heritage Studies concentrations.  The M.Div or Th.M in Hebraic Heritage Studies or its equivalent will be required.

Those that have completed the Bachelor of Hebraic Heritage Studies, we can customize a Master of Theological Studies or Master of Theology with a major in Hebraic Heritage Studies or Biblical Languages.  Contact the Registrar's office for more information.

A Quick Note

“Biblical Life College and Seminary represents a revolutionary approach to Christian education that maintains the highest standards of academic credibility while making its program extraordinarily user friendly. BLCS’s directed study distance learning program makes it possible for those who are already engaged in a career but have a call of God on their lives to receive theological and ministry training that is equivalent to or superior to what is available in traditional campus-based Christian education. This program is worthy of your involvement and support.”

John D. Garr, Th.D., Ph.D.

President  & Founder, Restoration Ministries

Chancellor, Hebraic Heritage Christian School of Theology

Author of “Restoring Our Lost Legacy: Christianity’s Hebraic Heritage”, “Bless You!: Restoring the Biblical Hebraic Blessing”,  “Family Sanctuary: Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Home”, The Hem of His Garment: Touching the Power in God’s Word”, Living Emblems: Ancient Symbols of Faith”, and God’s Lamp Man’s Light: Mysteries of the Menorah.”

Dr. John D. Garr
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