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Now you can complete a Spirit-Filled Doctor of Theology degree program through distance learning (online studies).  The Doctor of Theology Program requires at least a 60 SCH Masters degree in theological studies, biblical studies or similar field.    

The doctoral programs at Biblical Life College and Seminary are designed after the Hebraic model of research and the development of a dissertation. The student is encouraged to choose a subject that either reflects his main mission in the Body of Christ or where the Holy Spirit is releasing a new passion for discovery.

As a part of Biblical Life College and Seminary's Spirit-filled doctoral programs, we encourage our students to use the conversational style of writing in the development of their dissertation. The secondary goal of our doctoral programs is to have our students produce works that are publishable. The dissertation will not only result in a student graduating, it will produce a viable work that will inspire and instruct the Body of Christ.

Doctor of Theology

Program Prerequisite: Master of Theology or equivalent. (60 SCHS Masters degree in a ministry/theology or related field).

Tuition:  $4,300.00

Student Loan Program:  $100.00 down with enrollment and $121.42 a month for 35 months.

Phase I

This student is to submit a subject that he has chosen to complete his research on this doctoral project.  Once the subject is approved, he is to research a minimum of 30 books dealing with some aspect of the subject. He is then to write a report on each of the books to submit to his Doctoral Project Advisor.

Phase II

The student is to submit a proposal for his research dissertation, to include its purpose and complete outline.  Once approved, the student may proceed with his dissertation.

The student may choose to send a draft of his dissertation before submitting the final copy for evaluation.  The draft will be reviewed by his Doctoral Project Advisor and any changes or suggestions will be forwarded to him so finalization of the work can be completed.

The completed dissertation of 85,000 words or more in length is to be submitted to the Seminary for consideration.  A Doctoral Dissertation Review Committee will be assigned to the student for this program.  He is to submit a copy for each member.  Once the dissertation has been accepted, the student is to have it hard bound for the Seminary library.

Phase III

As a defense for his dissertation, the student may choose to either make arrangements to sit for a verbal defense of his work before the Doctoral Dissertation Review Committee or to audio tape a series of lectures in which he teaches, chapter by chapter, through his dissertation.  If the student chooses to make a verbal defense, he must make arrangements with the Seminary to meet with at least three (3) members of the committee.  A normal verbal defense will last from three to six hours.

“My doctoral work at Biblical Life College and Seminary was the finest educational experience I have ever had.  Though I have three Masters degrees, I have always longed for a time where I was given the freedom to really dig in and study exactly what I wanted to learn.  I commend BLCS on being on the cutting edge of an educational trend that is here to stay!”

Emmett A. Cooper, Ph.D., Author and Director, HoneyWord Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Emmett A. Cooper - BLCS Graduate
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