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Now you can complete a Spirit-Filled Master of Biblical Counseling degree program through distance learning (online studies) through Biblical Life College and Seminary - the premier online Spirit-Filled Theological Seminary.  The Master of Biblical Counseling Program is designed for those that have completed the Bachelor of Biblical Counseling or equivalent (meaning at least 70 SCHS in biblical counseling, theology, ministry, etc. in their undergraduate degree).

The Master of Biblical Counseling Program is designed to build upon the foundation established in the undergraduate program.  Each module in the Master of Biblical Counseling will both enhance and develop new expertise for the biblical counselor, chaplain, or minister.  The graduate will complete the program with the biblical depth and mentoring skills needed to bring healing and growth in the complex world we are living in today.

Why not schedule a free educational consultation today?  Biblical Life College and Seminary can quickly get you into a program that will prepare you to bring healing and restoration to the hurting world around you.

Counseling student at Biblical Life

Special Note:  The BLCS degree programs in Biblical Counseling are specifically designed for practitioners of Gospel ministry within the local Church/Para-Church setting.  They are not intended or designed for individuals seeking state licensure as a professional counselor or for opening a counseling practice.  Those seeking this type of professional status should seek a regionally accredited degree from a resident college or university whose programs are designed to meet state licensure requirements in his or her state.

Master of Biblical Counseling

Program Prerequisite:  Bachelor of Biblical Counseling or equivalent.

Graduation Requirements:  To successfully complete this fifty-six (56) semester credit hour block of study with a “B” or better average.

Tuition: 56 SCHS x $75.00 = $4,200.00

Plan B Student Loan Program:  $100.00 down with enrollment and $118.57 a month for 35 months.  

Suggested Outline of Courses



CSN 511 Pastoral Counseling Ethics


CSN 512 The Church and Pastoral Care


CSN 513 Premarital Counseling


CSN 514 Marital Counseling


CSN 515 Crisis Counseling


BLE 501 Teleios Therapy I - Individual Ministry


BLE 502 Comparative Studies in Counseling


BLE 503 Transforming the Inner Man


BLE 504 Healing the Wounded Hearted


BLE 505 Freedom through Discipleship


BLE 506 Healing Women’s Emotions


BLE 507 Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse


BLE 510 Healing and Deliverance I


BLE 511 Healing and Deliverance II


SPV 800 Counseling Supervision


CSN 800 Thesis




“Upon acceptance into Biblical Life College and Seminary, there began a close personal bonding, relating to me as a unique individual with an attainable dream, that I believe Dr. Lake and his instructional team could help me achieve.  They challenge students to learn, understand and retain a wealth of information deemed necessary for our individual growth.  They helped me to understand the Spirit of God in me, as well as His call upon my life.  It was through my work at BLCS that I came to know where God wanted me in the five-fold ministry. In August of 1994, I earned my Master of Biblical Counseling through BLCS.  God has endowed me with the opportunity to continue my counseling ministry goals.  I have interacted with Court Lawyers and am accepted by the Nassau and Suffolk County New York Court Systems.”

Rev. Virginia Bieber, MBC, Patchogue, NY

Rev. Bieber, BLCS Graduate
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