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Has God called you to teach in a congregation or school of ministry?  Maybe He has called you to become an administrator for your church's school or school of ministry.  Now you can complete a Spirit-Filled Master of Christian Education through distance learning (online studies) at Biblical Life College and Seminary - the premier online Spirit-Filled Theological Seminary.

The Master of Christian Education is designed to help you develop skills in communication, teaching, educational development, and educational administration, while assisting you to grow spiritually to meet the challenges all Christian teachers face today.

Why not schedule a free educational consultation today?  Biblical Life College and Seminary can quickly get you into a program that is customized to meet your ministerial needs.

Master of Christian Education

Program Prerequisite:  Secular Bachelor of Arts or Science degree (any field) or Bachelor of Biblical Studies.

Graduation Requirements: To successfully complete this sixty (60) semester credit hour block of study with a “B” or better average.

Tuition:  60 SCHS x $75.00 = $4,500.00

Plan B Student Loan Program:  $100.00 down with enrollment and $111.25 a month for 40 months

Program Description:  This special Master of Christian Education Program is designed for those that completed a secular undergraduate degree and then felt the calling of God into the ministry of Christian Education.  The length of this program (60 SCHS) ensures that the student will receive a well-rounded education in this vital ministry.

Suggested Outline of Courses



CED 501 Intro to Christian Education


CED 502 Christian Education Psychology


CED 503 Spiritual Formation


CED 504 History & Philosophy of Christian Education


CED 505 Creative Bible Teaching


CED 506 Advances in Christian Education


CED 507 Foundations for the Future


CED 508 Christian Education Administration


BBL 500 Covenant Faith


BBL 502 Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics


BBL 503 Kingdom Authority & Warfare I


BBL 512 Kingdom Authority & Warfare II


SYS 500 Systematic Theology


BBL 508 The Christ- Centered Life


BBL 504 The Leader of One


BBL 508 The Fruit of the Spirit


CED 815 Christian Education Field Project


CED 800 Thesis in Christian Education




What I say next is not to boast, but rather to give glory to God. Many people in my church are amazed that I have grown so fast and so hungry for the Lord in my short life after salvation. Often times they ask me how I grew so fast. My answer usually goes like this:

1) By the Grace and provisions of God. 2) By having solid Christian Mentors, teachers, and accountability. 3) By having a Spirit-filled curriculum like the Christian Education program at Biblical Life College and Seminary.

Now that God has allowed me to complete my Master’s Degree in Christian Education, it has opened up many doors both inside my local and church and outside. Second, the church now has someone that is qualified and equipped to start the Christian School that has been on the drawing board for years. Next, it has equipped me to pursue avenues of creating Christian Discipleship Programs, materials, and resources. Finally, it has better equipped me to serve as the spiritual leader in my household that God has ordained me to be.

I would highly recommend BLCS to anyone that is serious about being educated in the knowledge of God, guided by the Spirit of God, to reach out to the lost and equip those within. I am also currently pursuing my Doctorate in Christian Education at Biblical Life College and Seminary because of my belief in their ministry.

Randy McEwen, M.C.E., Rincon, GA

Rand McEwen, M.C.E - BLCS Graduate
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