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Now you can complete a Spirit-Filled Master of Theology degree through distance learning (online studies) with Biblical Life College and Seminary - the premier online Spirit-Filled Theological Seminary.  The Master of Theology Program is designed for those that have completed a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree or equivalent (meaning at least 70 SCHS of theology, bible, ministry, etc in their undergraduate degree).

The Master of Theology at Biblical Life College and Seminary can be completed by students in two to three years. Our online Master of Theology degree is completely customizable.  The only required component is the final thesis (which all masters level programs must include).  All other modules in the program will be designed after your undergraduate transcripts are received and you share your vision of ministry with the Biblical Life College and Seminary educational consultant.  

Why not schedule a free educational consultation today? Biblical Life College and Seminary can quickly get you into a program that is customized to meet your ministerial needs.

Student at BLCS

Master of Theology

Program Prerequisite: Bachelor of Biblical Studies or equivalent.  Those that have completed the M.T.S. Program can elect to complete thirty (30) semester credit hours in this program and receive the Master of Theology.

Graduation Requirements:  To successfully complete this sixty (60) semester credit hour block of study with a “B” or better average.

Tuition:  60 SCHS x $75.00 = $4,500.00

Plan B Student Loan Program:  $100.00 down with enrollment and $111.25 a month for 40 months.

Can be customized to meet your educational/ministerial needs.



HEB 501 Biblical Hebrew 2


GRK 501 Biblical Greek 2


Customized Modules to Meet the Student’s Needs


THE 800 Thesis




Graduates of the Master of Theology are eligible to enroll in the Doctor of Theology or the Doctor of Ministry Programs.

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