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Offering Spirit-Filled Theological Degrees through Distance Learning Since 1982.

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“Where the Remnant Comes to Train”


Our vision and purpose are very simple; they are to make the proper preparation for ministry accessible and affordable.  The education must be:  thorough and academically sound, biblically based, providing solid research skills and providing the student with the “present day” truths that God is imparting to the Body of Christ.

We accomplish this mission in several ways:

1.   We specialize in nontraditional training.  Large campuses require large staffing and large budgets.  The traditional way of running Bible Colleges or Seminaries results in tuition costing between $350.00 and $600.00 per semester credit hour.  We can reduce this cost greatly by implementing the following:

A.   We operate an effective and modest administrative and production facility.

B. Only the administrative staff members are salaried employees.  All of our professors must be actively engaged in ministry, regarding what they are teaching.  This overcomes the axiom: “Those that cannot do teach.”  Our professors are “doing”; that is why they can teach.  This does two things for the student:  (1) the teachings are fresh and applicable to their lives and ministries and (2) it keeps the tuition affordable.  Our professors receive royalties from books and tapes sold to students rather than being on salary.  They make their living actually doing the ministry they are teaching about.

These two factors enable us to offer a high quality ministerial education at the affordable tuition we presently charge.

2.   We strive to be on the cutting edge of “present day” truths that God is restoring to His people.  Many Bible Colleges and Seminaries reject what God has revealed since the movements were established that brought them into existence.  They tend to be stuck in the past and reject any further revelation given by God.

We believe God has been systematically restoring truth to His people since coming out of the Dark Ages.  It started with the knowledge that one must be “born again” and that the “just shall live by faith.”  Each subsequent move of God has taken us another step along the pathway to biblicity.  

Some of the “present day” truths that you will find in Biblical Life curriculum:

As a student of Biblical Life, you will be presented with these and many other truths, but we do not stop there.  We give you the hermeneutical and research skills to become faithful Bereans to what we present.  Truth always becomes established in the light of honest research and examination.

You will find that the training provided at Biblical Life will be solid academically and will prepare you for “real world” ministry.  We are so committed to this task that we are constantly developing newer, more relevant courses.  What is in this catalog is not set in stone.  We will most likely contact you while you are in a program to see if a newly completed module may better meet your needs than ones you were previously scheduled to take.  Preparing and strengthening you is the goal of all we do.

The Vision of Biblical Life College and Seminary
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